LED Neon Light • Round 4.57 Watt RGBW IP68-1LED Neon Light • Round 4.57 Watt RGBW IP68-1
LED Neon Light

Round 4.57 Watt RGBW IP68

Neon Round 4.57 Watt RGBW IP68 offers dazzling colour changing effects, with the option for single colour whites. The rugged housing diffuses LED diodes for smooth illumination and is fully submersible.

SGi Specification Series – LED Neon – Round 4.57 Watt RGBW IP68 | NEON-RND_4.57W-IP68-ov-fin-lc-con

With SGi’s Neon Round 4.57 Watt RGBW IP68, achieve two completely different (but equally beautiful) looks in a single LED Neon Light. Neon Round 4.57 Watt RGBW IP68 provides breathtaking RGB hues and also offers a sophisticated single colour white, all on the same LED strip. Enjoy the freedom of switching between colour changing excitement and a dignified 4000K, 3000K or 2700K colour temperature. Pair with LED Neon Track or Clips for straight, curved and upside down installations. The IP68 rating means it can be fully submersed to upgrade underwater features.

LED Neon Lights

Take advantage of new lighting capabilities with SGi’s LED Neon Lights. A rugged silicone-based housing allows for light flexibility and weatherproofing from outdoor elements. As a result, LED Neon lights are an impressive solution for Architectural lighting applications. Thermally engineered flexible circuit boards, combined with advanced LED technology, ensure maximum light output. These lights provide a reliable energy efficient solution that is easy to install. Furthermore, their longevity and low operating costs make them an excellent choice for linear lighting solutions. The IP68 rating allows for use in underwater applications. Select from Kelvin colour temperatures, ranging from a warm 2700K to a cool 5000K or anything in between. They can be used in a variety of lighting applications such as cove lighting, retail displays, signs and building facades. LED Neon Lights offer similar benefits of their counterparts without the drawbacks of traditional fixtures

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