Inspired by the future of LED lighting, interior designer, and entrepreneur, Sapna Santdasani Gova, founded SGi Lighting Inc. in 2006 as a distributor of high-end LED lighting products. SGi became the first company in North America to focus only on LED lighting. SGi found early success, supplying lighting for Casino Rama. It soon became evident to Sapna that the market needed more versatile and higher quality products with better pricing and reliable service. With this vision, Sapna leaned on her husband Shabir Gova to lend his expertise as an electrical engineer to design LED lighting products for SGi. Ever since, SGi has only sold products under their company label.

As the demand for SGi’s lights and services increased, Sapna convinced Shabir to sell their home and downsize to a condo, resign from his job, and invest their time and money into SGi. Shabir joined SGi full time in 2010. With this fire power on board, Sapna was able to go after larger and more complex jobs. No longer importing ready made lights, SGi was now modifying and customizing lights “in-house”. Shabir and Sapna did sales calls by day and made lights by night on their kitchen island.

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SGi quickly went from distributing to manufacturing under the guidance and technical expertise of Shabir. In 2012, Shabir and Sapna built a 7,000 sq ft warehouse/showroom with LED lighting installations in application vignettes. SGi recently built their second facility in 2019 and are currently working on their facility in the US. Numerous projects featuring their lighting have won IES awards, both locally and internationally.

Ask Sapna and she will say, “If we are going to make it, why not make it beautiful?” Ask Shabir and he will say, “Do it once, make it right.” Collectively, Shabir and Sapna’s passions for engineering and design are evident in every product. Their conviction that “Products should work well and look great!” is now the company’s product intent, coined as “aesthetics and technology”.

Sapna and Shabir’s vision and spirit of excellence brings fair business practices for employees, customers, and vendors. SGi has quickly gained a reputation as a solution provider, delivering products on time and within budget.