LED Neon Light • Arch 4.57 Watt IP68-1LED Neon Light • Arch 4.57 Watt IP68-1
LED Neon Light

Arch 4.57 Watt IP68

Neon Arch can be bent horizontally and vertically to fit unique applications. The rugged housing diffuses LED diodes for smooth illumination and is fully submersible.

SGi Specification Series – LED Neon Light – Arch 4.57 Watt IP68 | NEON-ARC_4.57W-IP68-bnd-ov-fin-lc-con

SGi’s Neon Arch 4.57 Watt IP68 is a versatile choice for unique lighting installations, especially those that are underwater. Neon Arch 4.57 Watt IP68 comes in both a horizontal or vertical bend, and can be bent horizontally up to 80mm, or vertically up to 300mm so design options are endless. Neon Arch 4.57 Watt IP68’s smooth and uniform glow is great for applications where the light is a visible design element. Neon Arch 4.57 Watt IP68 is available in a comprehensive array of single colour whites from 2700K to 5000K and single colours. Pair with LED Neon Track or Clips for straight, curved and upside down installations. The IP68 rating means it can be fully submersed to upgrade underwater features.

LED Neon Lights

Thanks to a creative bendable design, SGi’s LED Neon Lights are an impressive solution for Architectural lighting applications. Neon Lights are perfect for fascinating light installations, where the light itself is the highlight. Their durable weatherproof design and rugged silicone housing makes them a first choice for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications. Self-locking tracks and clips allow Neon Lights to be installed in straight runs, curves and even upside down. Select from a dazzling array of colour temperatures from 2700K to 5000K, single colours, RGB and RGBW. LED Neon offers similar benefits of traditional neon without the drawbacks of traditional fixtures.

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