Project Overview

Our very astute client Sam was introduced to SGi as a referral from his brother, our previous client Ramzi. Both brothers had a taste for high quality products and professional service, and that is just what we do at SGi Lighting!

Sam and his wife Bess were design forward people, which showed in their attention to detail and understanding of what they liked and didn’t like. This is often a good thing because it gives us a direction and defines the look the client wants to achieve.

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Their Richmond Hill home was beautifully finished with a transitional uncluttered look. The only thing left to update, to complement their hard work, was the lighting. This is where they turned to SGi and we were thrilled to help them achieve the perfect look to fit into their lifestyle and requirements.

Area 1 – Kitchen

  • LED Task Lights – Under Cabinet
  • LED Up Lighting – Crown Molding Lights
  • LED G4 Lamps – Chandelier

Area 2 – Family Room

  • LED DownLights


Design Considerations & Client Preferences

  • Replace family room halogen Downlights with LEDs
  • Well utilized family room shared TV time with task oriented activities like reading, homework etc.
  • Bright clean lights for kitchen task areas & Chef’s desk
  • Chandelier – general illumination lighting fixture with G4 lamps
  • No Downlights in kitchen – but brightness desired
  • No accent light inside cabinet required
  • 9 ft ceiling throughout home
  • Cooler light colour preferences
  • Crisp white light with high levels of brightness desired

SGi Recommendations

We recommended a Neutral White 4000K colour temperature that would and yet saturate task areas with the crisp white light desired by the clients and but also have some warmth to work with the design of the home.

Please see our TECHNICAL section for details on the products used in this project.


SGi provided lighting solutions for:

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights – task area

We installed our UltraBright Flex to achieve the perfect lighting levels for task lighting over the counters.


LED Task LightingLED Under Cabinet Lighting


Kitchen Under Cabinet

Products Used:

UltraBright LED Flex Light – 4000K

Installation Note:

Dimmers not required per client

Kitchen Crown Valance

More light was required in the kitchen. With a beautiful chandelier already existing we recommended adding crown valance as an indirect light source that would add to the overall light in this area without competing or washing out the presence of the chandelier light.

Per the client’s request a single strip of RegularBright Flex light was prepared for this area. For maximum light spill it had to be installed at the edge of the cabinet. The clients found that this did not give them the level of light they wanted and it was creating a definitive line cast which is the down fall of installing the strip by the edge of the upper cabinets. We went back and added an additional strip of light and reinstalled the lights a bit more recessed from the edge, which gave them extra light on the ceiling creating a soft and organic light spill.


LED Crown Lighting



Products Used:

RegularBright LED Flex Light – 4000K

Installation Note:

Dimmers not required per client

Bulbs – Kitchen Chandelier Fixture

We added the G4 LED lamps to this fixture to replace the inefficient existing halogen lamps.


LED Chandelier Lighting


Kitchen – Chandelier Fixture

Products Used:

1.5W G4 LED Lamp – 5000K

Installation Note:

Dimmers not required per client

General Lighting – Family Room and Dining Room

Our LED Downlights were used to provide a uniform and functional glow to two of most important rooms for recreation and family gathering. A 5000K colour temperature was used to unite these areas with the kitchen lighting. The clients chose a white trim to finish the lights and compliment their current interior look.


LED Downlighting


Family Room and Dining Room

Products Used:

9W Swivel LED Downlight – 3000K

Installation Note:

Dimmers not required per client


Our Kitchen Designer recommended SGi Lighting to us. Knowing their eye for detail, we knew SGi would be a very competitive and quality choice. Having a very high-end kitchen we knew we wanted quality lighting with a turnkey solution.

In doing our research, I noticed many number of things with SGi. First their catalog selection was amazing! They had many different products with a solution for every possible application. I went and visited their showroom and everyone was so amazing, everyone was so happy, pleasant and professional. They clearly knew their products and knew them very well. They were able to answer all of my questions. I was very, very impressed with SGi and their knowledge of LED products on the whole.

We were looking for full end to end top quality solution. Not something piece meal, not something do-it-yourself and in SGi we found that solution. They had great recommendations, a lot of design ideas and the product was absolutely top quality.

We have had so many compliments about our new kitchen and that includes lighting, which is a wow factor. Everyone that comes in comments on how beautiful the lighting is. They love the variations of the colour that we can change. We love the fact that we get a nice cool crisp light for task light for working in the kitchen, but also in the evening or early morning we are able to put it into a nice neutral white or a warm white light. We can dim it giving us flexibility and it really sets the mood! The special application of lighting in the pantry is very functional and always a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves it when we open the door.

We experienced their quality customer service shortly after our installation. We had an issue and we called them. They were here within 24 hours and found that another contractor had damaged one of their components. They were here, so pleasant and easy to deal with, they fixed the problem right off the bat and didn’t charge us for the replacement component, or the service call even though it was no error of theirs.

From a Customer service perspective SGi was excellent. They were always on time, they were so easy to talk to, to communicate with, always so happy, always so professional, and, after service support was excellent. SGi was definitely a good choice because they are full service. You may find cheaper products but you won’t find the quality of product and the total customer service that you will find with SGi.

I would recommend SGi to friends, family, anyone! I know SGi has top-notch product quality and service so I would recommend them and certainly return as a customer without a question!