Project Overview

One of our regular kitchen manufacturing clients asked us to take care of one of his clients who needed lighting for his new kitchen. Repeat referrals from other professionals are a huge vote of confidence that we are doing a great job and that we are trusted time and time again to service their clients.

When Patrick came to the SGi LED Lighting Inspiration Centre he was treated to our detailed design consultation with our in-house Designer. Various lighting options with different colour temperatures and levels of brightness were reviewed with him.

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There is no expectations for homeowners to be technical minded so SGi staff provides as much detail, and as frequently as requested by the client, until such time as they are comfortable with the product and process. We then guide their decision based on what would work for their design, their preference, and their budget.

Like our other homeowner clients, Patrick was filled with questions. We quickly realized this was no ordinary homeowner! Not only had Patrick done his research on LED lighting on the SGi website, and many other sites, Patrick had a very keen technical understanding. We quickly eased more technical details into our conversation to feed the aptitude of this tech savvy client. We could see he appreciated knowing the details and was not being overwhelmed by them. Giving Patrick the level of information he wanted put him at ease and he was able to make his product choice with confidence in both the product and the company behind the product.

It was love at first sight when Patrick saw our Dynamic White Flex. There was no going back when he saw the different colours of white from the one product operated with a remote control. It gave him the flexibility and the remote control ‘techy’ feel was the bonus! SGi’s turnkey installation service made the decision painless.

Being encouraged by Patrick’s openness and appetite for good ideas our Designer proposed an automatic light for his large pantry cabinet. Patrick saw the benefit of functionality and included it into his purchase.

The versatility created by using the Dynamic White Flex and the usefulness of the pantry light is illustrated in the photographs and video of this project.

Patrick’s testimonial speaks to his satisfaction and makes this installation another one of our success stories to share!

Area 1 – Kitchen

  • LED Task Lights – Under Cabinet
  • LED Accent Lighting – Inside Glass Cabinet
  • LED Cabinet Lighting – Inside Pantry Cabinet


Design Considerations & Client Preferences

  • Bright clean lights for kitchen task areas
  • Accent light inside cabinet required
  • Varying light colour preferences
  • Crisp white light with high levels of brightness desired for tasks
  • Warmer white light for non-task uses
  • Dimmable for comfort
  • Open concept family room / kitchen

SGi Recommendations

  • We recommended a Dynamic White Flex with varying colour temperatures and brightness controls with the remote control. This gave the client maximum flexibility that he wanted for the various uses of this light as he desired.
  • The in-cabinet accent light we recommended warm white Puck Light to match the general lighting temperature in the kitchen and adjacent family room area.

Please see our TECHNICAL section for details on the products used in this project.


SGi provided lighting solutions for:

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights – Task area

We installed our Dynamic White Flex to achieve the perfect lighting colour temperatures for various moods of lighting allowing maximum flexibility to the clients.


LED Under Cabinet Lighting



Products Used:

Intelligent LED Flex Light – 2700K-5500K

Installation Note:

Dimmable by remote control

Kitchen Pantry – Door activated switch

A deep tall pantry was made more functional with the addition of a light in the interior. The door-activated switch was added for convenience and a thorough design execution.


LED Specialty Lighting


Kitchen Pantry

Products Used:

UltraBright LED Flex Light – 3000K

Installation Note:

Dimmers not required

Kitchen Cabinets

Our 3W LED Puck Lights emit the perfect level of illumination for cabinets and small areas. They are an excellent accompaniment to under cabinet lighting and help to tie together the whole look of the kitchen.


LED Accent Lighting



Products Used:

3W Recessed LED Puck Light – 3000K

Installation Note:

Dimmers not required


Our Kitchen Designer recommended SGi Lighting to us. Knowing their eye for detail, we knew SGi would be a very competitive and quality choice. Having a very high-end kitchen we knew we wanted quality lighting with a turnkey solution.

In doing our research, I noticed many number of things with SGi. First their catalog selection was amazing! They had many different products with a solution for every possible application. I went and visited their showroom and everyone was so amazing, everyone was so happy, pleasant and professional. They clearly knew their products and knew them very well. They were able to answer all of my questions. I was very, very impressed with SGi and their knowledge of LED products on the whole.

We were looking for full end to end top quality solution. Not something piece meal, not something do-it-yourself and in SGi we found that solution. They had great recommendations, a lot of design ideas and the product was absolutely top quality.

We have had so many compliments about our new kitchen and that includes lighting, which is a wow factor. Everyone that comes in comments on how beautiful the lighting is. They love the variations of the colour that we can change. We love the fact that we get a nice cool crisp light for task light for working in the kitchen, but also in the evening or early morning we are able to put it into a nice neutral white or a warm white light. We can dim it giving us flexibility and it really sets the mood! The special application of lighting in the pantry is very functional and always a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves it when we open the door.

We experienced their quality customer service shortly after our installation. We had an issue and we called them. They were here within 24 hours and found that another contractor had damaged one of their components. They were here, so pleasant and easy to deal with, they fixed the problem right off the bat and didn’t charge us for the replacement component, or the service call even though it was no error of theirs.

From a Customer service perspective SGi was excellent. They were always on time, they were so easy to talk to, to communicate with, always so happy, always so professional, and, after service support was excellent. SGi was definitely a good choice because they are full service. You may find cheaper products but you won’t find the quality of product and the total customer service that you will find with SGi.

I would recommend SGi to friends, family, anyone! I know SGi has top-notch product quality and service so I would recommend them and certainly return as a customer without a question!