Project Overview

During the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, celebrities were invited to the IT Lounge – a gifting suite hosted by NKPR – to relax, enjoy live music and experience prestigious brands such as Fila, RW&Co., FIJI Water, Sharpie, Baker’s Street and more. The week-long TIFF event raised funds for the Artists for Peace and Justice with proceeds going to Haiti. Within NKPR’s IT Lounge, Fila presented its first North American pop up store showcasing their Fall 2010 collection, featuring the lighting design expertise of SGi Lighting Inc. and their LED lighting products.

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“I chose the crisp colour temperature of neutral white at 4000K to maintain the perfect balance of light and colour to create the ultimate boutique look for Fila’s first pop-up store in North America! Instead of shinning bright lights on the products, which is traditionally done in retail stores, the lighting was chosen and placed in a way that the Fila brand became an experience not a sale. The lights gave the space a cool and relaxed feel where the general sense was exciting but not rushed.”

“This is just one of the extras of working with SGi Lighting. We don’t just sell lighting products; we design lighting concepts. Many times our clients just want something different but don’t know how to achieve it. We create the look that we feel works best with the space…our clients are never disappointed!”

– Sapna Santdasani, Director of Sales and Design SGi Lighting Inc.


“Only LED lighting could provide this look without the energy demands and excessive heat of traditional lights. We get more and more requests for LED lighting from people who want cutting edge design without sacrificing the environment. The small form factor of LED Lighting gives us the flexibility to create customized lighting scenes for specific purposes. With LED lighting there are no disappointments in look, function and light levels. The room can stay lit for a fraction of what traditional lights would have cost and it is 100% environmentally safe!”

– Shabir Gova, Director, Technology & Development SGi Lighting Inc.


“SGI Lighting did a fabulous job at creating a comfortable and stylish retail environment. The use of specific lights for each area of the Fila Suite really added to the atmosphere of the space, while ensuring the product looked amazing! More importantly, through the use of LED lights – it allowed for lots of natural looking light without the undesired effect of creating uncomfortable heat in the store – that was a huge advantage.”

– Kathryn Hicks, Marketing Manager
Fila Ltd.