LED Flex Light • UltraBright 5.2 Watt IP68-1LED Flex Light • UltraBright 5.2 Watt IP68-1
LED Flex Light

UltraBright 5.2 Watt IP68

Our most popular Flex Light with added intensity, UltraBright 5.2 Watt offers even brighter, adaptable illumination for a variety of applications. For outdoor and submersible applications.

SGi Specification Series – LED Flex Light – UltraBright 5.2 Watt IP68 | FLEX-ULTRA_5.2W-IP68-ov-fin-lc-cri

The IP68 version of SGi’s UltraBright 5.2 Watt provides stronger illumination with the added ability of being fully submersible in deep underwater applications. UltraBright 5.2 Watt IP68’s super low profile design combined with an algae resistant housing makes these lights perfect for all aquatic applications. Select a frosted finish option for a further diffused lighting effect.

The ultimate in lighting flexibility: LED Flex Lights

Thanks to an ingenious flexible design, SGi’s LED Flex Lights can brighten even the most ambitious locations. Flex Lights are perfect for display lighting, facade lighting or as an accent for curved edges. Their durable weatherproof design and rugged silicone housing makes them a first choice for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications. Select from a dazzling array of colour temperatures from 2300K to 6000K, single colours, RGB and RGBW. They are versatile, functional, and their convenience is matched by their longevity. They truly are an LED Flex Lighting solution.

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