Project Overview

Newport on the Levee is a unique shopping and entertainment district located in Newport, Kentucky. A prime destination spot for families and friends, Newport on the Levee offers year-round shopping, events, live music, etc.

In the fall of 2010, SGi Lighting provided the beautiful step lighting for the two grand staircases that lead visitors up to the shops and restaurants above. SGi’s LED Flex lighting offered a durable, long-lasting, safety lighting that also performs as an attractive welcoming feature. SGi LED Flex lights were selected because they are a tough, rugged product that can stand up to the strenuous wear and tear of a heavy-traffic area.

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Because safety amongst stairways is crucial, Newport on the Levee works hard to maintain their stairways especially in the winter. De-icing fluid is necessary in order to provide visitors with a safe traffic area.

It was important, then, that the installed lights could not only stand up to hundreds of kicking feet, but resist the viscous chemical effects of the harsh de-icing fluid.

Tasked with finding the perfect LED product for their client (Newport on the Levee), Becker Electric Ltd. put LED light strips from multiple companies through severe and rigorous testing.

The winner? SGi Lighting and their LED Flex lights.
SGi’s superior results are still evident even five years later.
Take a look at our image gallery to see pictures of the rigorous testing process as well as some great shots that were taken in June of 2016 (over five years after they were originally installed).

Pictures of Newport on the Levee’s stairs obtained through Google street view, contributed by photographer Joey Helms. You can visit his website here.

Other images of the staircases were obtained through Newport on the Levee’s website. You can visit their website and discover all the fantastic amenities they offer.

LED Step Lighting


Design Considerations & Client Preferences

LED Step Lighting

  • Warmer light colour preferences
  • Waterproof fixtures that can stand up to the extreme weather conditions in all seasons
  • Long lasting, low maintenance and bright illumination
  • LED Lights that illuminate stairs and walkways while remaining attractive LED lighting features
  • Inconspicuous and easily hidden fixtures that do not take away from the aesthetics of the structure
  • Light must be able to stand up to harsh de-icing chemicals for winter stair maintenance.

SGi Recommendations

  • We recommended our RegularBright LED Flex Light in a warm white, 3000K colour temperature. A low-profile size allows these lights to be discreetly installed just under each step, where they would offer safety lighting and wouldn’t obstruct traffic.

Please see our TECHNICAL section for details on the products used in this project.


SGi provided lighting solutions for:

LED Step Lighting

A tough product that could remain lit through heavy wear and tear as well as harsh de-icing chemicals was required.


LED Step Lighting


Twin staircases at the plaza entrance.

Products Used:

RegularBright LED Flex Light – 3000K

Installation Note:

Rigorous product testing required before approval.


We caught up with returning customer Scott Carper in 2015 when he called to discuss a new job with us.

He agreed to have a conversation about the Newport on the Levee Stairs project we did with his company, Becker Electric Ltd., back in 2010:

Why did you choose SGi?

Well we looked at a lot of products before we found SGi. You’ve got to remember that this is a time when LEDs were new to the market place and rapidly gaining popularity. We knew the concept of what we needed, but we were limited on what we could do due to the newness of the LED technology and the level of knowledge people had about LEDs. The [first] product we had used was not the right product for that application, but we couldn’t find anything else. They had nothing but problems using this first product. First of all it was the wrong design, the wires had to be jammed into the hull and run along the surface of the stairs, which created a lot of problems. Because of our location we have extreme hot weather and extreme cold. And during the cold weather, the de-icing solution our clients (Newport on the Levee) were using on the steps ate the wiring up.

After repeated issues our clients finally wanted a LED lighting solution that was rugged, long lasting and versatile. We found many companies that were making these types of products and bought samples to send to our client. The first thing they did was put the samples in a bucket of de-icing solution. Many products didn’t even stand up to that, and would short, go out, and some even corroded. Our client also tested the light samples by walking on them. Some lights lasted a couple days but the only product that passed their tests was SGi. That’s the one they approved.

That’s why we went with SGi, because it passed a process of rigorous testing. After a long time of having products that were always failing, we finally found one that works.

How are SGi’s products performing?

Excellent! We haven’t heard of any issues. We’ve never a problem with the product. I don’t get any calls about it. It’s been great! Surprisingly great. We searched for so long to get a product like this. I’ve heard very little complaints about it. The lights have stood up to seasonal maintenance and wear and tear, like kicking. We used to get calls weekly about issues with the old technology. SGi solved this problem.

Have you received compliments from others seeing the lighting?

Yes. We displayed pictures of our client’s end result at our showroom. For a time it was even on our website as a showpiece.
I’ve done big, big jobs and little jobs. It’s interesting how SGi’s lights can fit smaller applications as well as bigger ones.
It looks great! Everybody loves it because the light washes down the step risers, to give it a really cool look.

What is your opinion on our pricing?

Pricing is great. I’ve had no issue, however pricing wasn’t as important for this job. The most important thing for our clients was that the product did what it needed to do. This client wanted quality. The maintenance required on their previous product wore them out, so they wanted something different and much more rugged.

For us at Becker Electric Supply, once we find a product that passes the test, only then will we write it into the budget.

How do you feel about SGi’s customer service before, during and after purchase?

Well I’m calling you about a new project! Customer service was good, once we got everything pointed out. This product was installed in 2010 right before the Christmas season. So in a very short amount of time we had to bring the product in, get the tracks made and get the lights installed for Newport on the Levee’s busiest time. We didn’t have any issues and we got it done on time.

How would you rate SGi’s level of expertise?

Based on that job, SGi’s expertise was excellent. I’d give them a 10. Back then we knew LED lighting was becoming popular and it was refreshing to get a hold of a product that passed our tests. Now LED lights have evolved so much more and we still don’t have any issues with SGi’s lights.

What are your thoughts on SGi’s specific product knowledge and education/guidance to client?

SGi has been so helpful during phone calls. It’s been four years since SGi’s lights were installed and there’ve been no real issues with them. We have a new project on the go and, based on our previous experience with SGi years ago, we knew we wanted to go straight back to you. All the information I need is on the website but I was really interested in reaching out to SGi, since it takes a long time to read through all that information. Well, the gentleman on the phone [Shabir] directed me right to the page I needed to be. It was exactly what I needed! Out of the three products he showed me I know for sure we will use one of them for this new job. It takes a lot of pressure off of me, and my client gets what he wants.

There are literally thousands of companies, but SGi is the one-stop shop.

Would you return as a customer?

Of course I am: for this new job!

I’m not looking any farther. I’m sending your website to my contractor and then we’re taking it right up to the customer! After that it’s getting the measurements and materials to send SGi.

– Scott Carper, Becker Electric Ltd.