WSP Place

  • Image of SGi's LED Neon Lights for WSP Place
  • Image of SGi's LED Neon Lights for WSP Place
  • Image of SGi's LED Neon Lights for WSP Place
  • Image of SGi's LED Neon Lights for WSP Place

Design Considerations & Client Preferences

Exterior Lighting

-Colour Changing lights for an entertaining lighting element.

-Waterproof fixtures that can stand up to the extreme weather conditions in all seasons.

-Long lasting, low maintenance bright illumination LED Lights that illuminate large facades while remaining attractive.

LED Lighting Features

-Inconspicuous and easily hidden fixtures that do not take away from the aesthetics of the structure.

-Linear lighting solution must come with customizable lengths to accommodate unique shape elements in facade design.

SGi Recommendations

We recommended our RGB Round Top LED Neon light. These lights are the beautiful, yet rugged, solution our client was looking for. With each section customized to fit the geometric shapes in the facade, we were able to achieve a stunning and continuous display of illumination, with no breaks or gaps in the lighting. Please see our TECHNICAL section for details on the products used in this project.

SGi provided lighting solutions for:

Rugged Facade LED Neon Lighting
A dynamic facade design on the WSP Building required a flexible and customizable linear lighting solution. The colour changing LED Neon light, with a Round Top housing, was chosen for it’s rugged strength and bright illumination.

Product Used:
Installation Note:
LED Facade Lighting
Geometric facade shapes
Round Top LED Neon Light – RGB
Lights must perform well in extreme hot and cold temperatures

WSP Place in the news!

CTV News Edmonton’s feature on the success of specialized lighting, that includes WSP Place and SGi’s lighting solutions.

This video was obtained from CTV News Edmonton’s website apart of the CTV News Video Network. Reported by David Ewasuk.


  • WSP Place

    Colourful LED lighting enhances the fantastic architectural design of WSP Place in Edmonton, Alberta. The building is gaining notice thanks to SGi’s LED Neon lights. The lights provide a stunning impact and are also a high-end solution for façade lighting.

    Because of it’s northern location, Edmonton’s winters are darker and longer. As a result, the city’s downtown core is installing LED neon lights to provide brightness in an otherwise somber landscape. WSP Place, with its new renovation and updated design, required reliable lights that would make a big statement. The dynamic elements of the façade also needed a lighting solution that was customizable as well as resistant to the extreme hot and cold of the region. SGi’s colour changing Round Top LED Neon light was selected for its rugged strength and bright illumination.

    SGi worked closely with the project’s contractors on a detailed lighting plan that would meet the clients needs. Because SGi’s LED Neon lights are available in customizable lengths, each section of light was specially cut to fit the unique geometric shapes in the building facade. This resulted in a stunning and continuous display of illumination with no breaks or gaps in the lighting.

    The final lighting plan boasted over 150 colour control points and thousands of feet of light. Each lighting section also went through a rigorous testing process prior to shipping, to ensure SGi’s quality standard as a long lasting lighting solution.