La Fontaine de Saint Côme LED Underwater Lighting

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Design Considerations & Client Preferences

Underwater lighting
Looking for underwater lights for a decorative fountain
Round fountain has two tiers that need to be illuminated
The top tier is smaller
The bottom tier is larger
Lights with colour changing abilities are a must
All colour changing lights must be able to sync with one another
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SGi Recommendations

We recommended our UltraBright LED Flex Lights and our Compass LED Underwater Lights for this project.
Both products come with a beautiful RGB Colour Changing option. The RGB abilities of these products can be controlled so that the colour changing sequences in all sections are synchronized. The LED Flex light was chosen for the smaller top fountain tier. Its flexible design allowed us to install directly onto the curved inner surface of the fountain, while its compact size provided a discreet lighting source for the small installation area.
Our Compass LED Underwater Spot Lights provided extra illumination strength for the larger area on the bottom fountain tier. Each spot light, while small in size, has an attractive design so that the viewer can enjoy pure illumination without being distracted by a bulky lighting fixture.
Both the LED Flex lights and the LED Underwater lights are designed to be fully submersed in water, with algae-resist housing. The durable housing also protects the light from all seasons of temperature, including those cold winters.

Please see our TECHNICAL section for details on the products used in this project.

SGi provided lighting solutions for:

LED Fountain Lights – Bottom Tier
SGi’s Colour Changing Compass LED Underwater Spot Light provided a dazzling level of illumination for the larger bottom tier of the fountain.

Product Used:
Installation Note:
LED Underwater Lighting
Bottom Fountain Tier
18W Compass LED Underwater Light – RGB
Sync with other colour changing lights
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The Colour Changing LED Flex lights provided the perfect amount of illumination for the smaller top tier of the fountain. Lengths of SGi LED Flex strips are custom prepared for each unique installation.
Product Used:
Installation Note:
LED Underwater Lighting
Top Fountain Tier
UltraBright LED Flex Light – RGB
Sync with other colour changing lights

Why did you choose SGi?
SGi is the only company that has been able to offer me quality submersible lighting products with a warranty.

How are SGi’s products performing?
The level of lighting performance is just as SGi promised. After sending a photo of the application I wanted lit, they advised me on which products to use and where to install them for optimum results.

Have you received compliments from others seeing the lighting?
On the night of the inauguration we were the first to be dazzled as we had not yet seen the final result. It was clearly above our expectations. People from near and far traveled specially to come and see this fountain in the evening, since the LEDs takes all its beauty when it comes to light. Those who have been around this fountain since 1942 told us that they could never have imagined this monument reborn in such a majestic way thanks to its new lighting. The fountain even made the first page of the local newspaper!

What is your opinion on our pricing?
If you compare SGi prices with other products on the market, SGi’s prices are much higher. But you have to be careful when buying at a lower cost since the level quality is far from SGi’s. In addition, SGi Lighting was the only company to offer a warranty on its products.

How do you feel about SGi’s customer service before, during and after purchase?
From my first request for information, I received an answer in less than a few hours. Every question was answered with professional advice from SGi on the subject of lighting, and always very quickly. All materials I was given had been adapted according to my needs. Following my purchase, I had a follow up delivery with the necessary information for the connections.

How would you rate SGi’s level of expertise?
SGi was able to tell me how many lights my project required by looking at my photos and measurements of the monument. They also respected my budget and suggested the minimum amount of lights the monument would need in order to highlight it. All of this advice was given over a long distance without any of SGi’s expertise getting displaced.

How do you feel about SGi’s commitment to supporting our clients?
SGi Lighting took my project very seriously from the start.

What are your thoughts on SGi’s specific product knowledge and education/guidance to the client?
All this lighting consultation was able to be executed remotely thanks to the knowledge of SGi, which was a great success beyond our expectations. Especially considering we did not necessarily have any special knowledge about LED lighting.

Would you recommend SGi to someone else
Certainly since the advice, the technical information and the products, as well as the service of SGi, are of superior quality. Moreover, the speed with which SGi communicated the information necessary for the progress of our project was exceptional.

Would you return as a customer?
We would be willing to contact SGi on other occasions for future projects since we have been completely satisfied with their services so far.

  • LED Underwater Lighting

    La Fontaine de Saint Côme is a beautiful 1920’s water fountain. It has been in the Nadeau family of Saint Côme Linière, Quebec for three generations.

    Jean-François Nadeau and his father Marcel Nadeau have lovingly restored this master piece and had it updated with versatile LED Underwater Lighting. SGi Lighting is privileged to have been the company chosen by Jean-François. SGi’s LED lights brought splendour to this historical family heirloom.

    The inclusion of LED lights allow this stunning water feature to be enjoyed at night and during the day. The different areas and sizes of this application required unique LED lighting options. SGi has a large selection of submersible lighting solutions, so it was very easy to recommend the perfect combination of LED lights. Colour Changing LED lights (or RGB LED lights) were chosen to highlight this magnificent fountain. Now the fountain’s water tiers are graced with ever changing LED hues.

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    SGi Lighting Inc. is happy to have worked with Jean-François. We are honoured to be a part of this regional history.
    SGi would also like to thank the Nadeau family for sending the beautiful pictures that can be seen in the project gallery. They have been web-optimized by our marketing team for your viewing pleasure.

    La Fontaine de Saint Côme has historical meaning for the Nadeau family as well as the residents who live nearby. Many people over the years have passed by and enjoyed it’s beauty. Marcel remembers many lovers who would sit at the fountain, holding hands. Undoubtedly, there are many stories associated with this landmark. Please read on to share in this historical wealth with the Nadeau family.

    A little history…

    When Marcel was a young boy his father (David) bought the fountain at a Quebec flea market. Marcel has fond childhood memories of the fountain. He remembers swimming in it with the other children and floating toy boats. When Marcel was grown he inherited the Nadeau House and the beautiful fountain became his to care for. However, throughout the years, time took its toll and the fountain became too difficult to maintain.

    Today the house belongs to Marcel’s son, Jean-François. Like his father and grandfather before him, Jean-Francois also has a love for the fountain. With the help of his friends he restored this iconic landmark and even brought it into the modern age with SGi Lighting’s cutting-edge LED technology.

    Since its grand revival in the summer of 2016, the fountain has been adorned with brand new LED Underwater Lighting and has become a popular landmark once again. It even made the news! Read the article written about La Fontaine de Saint Côme’s revival here.

    Area 1 – Top fountain tier
    LED Colour Changing Flex Lights

    Area 2 – Bottom fountain tier
    LED Colour Changing Underwater Lights

    Please see our TECHNICAL section for details on the products used in this project.