Abdoulaye’s LED Kitchen Lighting

  • LED Kitchen Lighting
  • LED Kitchen Lighting
  • LED Kitchen Lighting
  • LED Kitchen Lighting
  • LED Kitchen Lighting

External Contractor Project
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Please see our TECHNICAL section for details on the products used in this project.

SGi provided lighting solutions for:

Kitchen Lighting

Product Used:
Installation Note:
LED Under Cabinet Lighting
UltraBright LED Flex Light – 3000K
Dimmers not required

After the installation, we called up our clients to see how their new lights were fitting in. We asked if we could interview them for a quick testimonial and they graciously agreed.

Why did you choose to work with SGi for the first time?
The first time we didn’t know who you were. But you took the time to see the layout of our kitchen and we found out that you guys are great. We went to a couple of stores and they were not that helpful.

How was our customer service before, during and after purchase?
It was great! Shabir took the time to speak to us and walked us around the showroom. He even took the time to come over [to our house] and look at everything. And when it was done you even took professional pictures. Really happy with the service.

How would you rate SGi’s level of expertise?
Out of ten I’ll give you eight, but only because I think giving people ten is too extreme… Ok I’ll give you nine.

Would you return as a customer?
Yes, of course. When we’re ready to do our backyard we will come to see you guys.

  • LED Kitchen Lighting

    SGi provides a variety of LED solutions for all aspects of LED Kitchen Lighting. The combined functionality and beauty of SGi’s LED lights are evident in this project. A warmer light colour was chosen to compliment the rich, dark tones of the kitchen cabinetry. The warm light colour also flatters the hazel and honey highlights found in the tiling.

    SGi’s LED Flex Lights are an excellent solution for kitchen lighting. They have a discreet, low-profile design that offers beautiful illumination that doesn’t impede the interior design. Because of this, the viewer only sees an attractive, uniform illumination which compliments any kitchen design.

    The pictures seen in the Image Gallery display before and after shots of the kitchen. These show the dynamic effect of SGi LED Lighting. This project is a great illustration of how under cabinet lighting can bring warmth and unification to the kitchen.

    Area 1 – Under Cabinets
    UltraBright LED Flex Light