LED Underwater Light • 1 Watt Cylinder

LED Underwater Lights

SGi’s LED Spot Lights offer a well-lit, energy efficient solution for LED security lighting and LED landscape lighting while increasing your property value and adding great curb appeal. SGi’s family of LED spotlights offers a versatile LED lighting design and LED colour temperature that works with all design styles. SGi’s easy to install LED lights are smart designed with both the installer and the end-user in mind. Many LED spotlights come with adjustable brackets and angle fixtures for any desired LED light projection. Waterproof LED spot lights have a durable design that stands up to harsh North American weather. Connect multiple LED units with one convenient outdoor LED transformer and enjoy the powerful illumination of SGi LED landscape lighting.

LED Underwater Lights – 1 Watt Cylinder | UND-1W-CYL-ov-fin-ba-lc

SGi’s 1 watt Cylinder LED Underwater Light offers soft LED illumination or LED underwater lighting for LED landscape lighting applications. An algae resistant waterproof design allows this LED underwater spot light to be installed in depths over a meter deep. SGi LED underwater lights are popular as LED pool lights, LED pond lights, LED waterfall lights, LED dock lights or LED fountain lights. Use its powerful LED light beam to illuminate LED water feature applications. SGi’s LED Underwater Lights have a durable design that can be installed amongst pond rocks and other heavy matter. SGi’s Cylinder LED Underwater Light comes in a 45 degree LED beam angle for commercial LED or residential LED submersed lighting applications.

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SGi LED UNDERWATER Lights – 1W Cylinder – Cutsheet

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