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SGi’s LED Flex Tracks are the perfect accessory for elevating LED Flex Lighting. Tracks add durability to linear lighting applications while also adding an aesthetic appeal. Since many applications benefit from a hidden or discreet light source, the LED tracks are a smart solution to this. They offer a sophisticated hiding place in which to conceal lights.
Take indoor or outdoor linear light applications to the next level with LED Track options. SGi carries a selection of track sizes to ensure each LED Flex Light can have a track solution. Each track type offers its own unique mounting or aesthetic ability to match distinctive applications. For instance, some projects may require angled tracks that can direct light at a 45 degree angle. Whereas other projects may benefit from Low Profile tracks that are easy to hide or Recessed tracks that provide a clean finish.
Whatever the application calls for, SGi LED Tracks are here to embellish, advance and support.

LED Track – Low Profile 2007 | TRACK-LP2007-CST-fin-ln

The Low Profile 2007 LED Track comes in customizable length options to fit any installation. For applications and designs that require discreet lighting; this track is perfect as it’s less than 10 millimetres tall. It is specially sized to house any of SGi’s UltraBright LED Flex Lights. However, it can also house smaller sizes of LED Flex Light, such as BasicBrightor Intelligent Dynamic White LED Flex Lights. By providing a finished look, these tracks can enhance under cabinet, task or cove applications for residential kitchen or commercial retail display LED lighting. Each track comes with a default silver finish which works well with many design styles. While this is an attractive finish option, other designer finishes are available in order to match or highlight (or blend in) with any LED Lighting Application.

SGi LED TRACKS – Low Profile 2007 – Cutsheet

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