LED Downlight • 5 Watt Swivel

LED Downlights

Well manufactured LED Downlights combine high efficiency LED chips with thermal management to create SGi LED Downlights as a long lasting LED lighting fixture. They are perfect as a new LED Downlight installation, or as a LED replacement retrofit. Superior optics contribute to the high lumen LED output of these energy efficient LED Downlights.

Contributing to the Designer LED Downlight market, SGi LED Swivel Downlights are the ideal choice for LED general lighting applications. These dimmable LED Downlights dim as low as 8% for ambience, giving further savings to this energy saving LED Downlight. Swivel feature of SGi Downlights allow for directional LED lighting as needed when doing interior lighting.

LED Downlight – 5 Watt Swivel | DOWN-5WS-ov-fin-ba-lc

SGi 5 Watt dimmable LED Swivel Downlights saturate your interior space with a strong and uniformed glow. Their sophisticated design allows them to perform as a recessed LED Downlight with a designer LED light appeal. They are perfect as a new LED Downlight installation, or as a LED downlight replacement retrofit. The LED Swivel Downlight feature allows these lights to also be used as LED directional lights to conform to most ceilings and room architecture. LED Downlights come in varying colour temperatures of whites from 2700K to 5000K. Versatile LED Downlight design works with a variety of design styles. The 5 Watt LED Swivel Downlight has consistent light colour and works well for LED general illumination of spaces with 6 feet ceiling heights. Use them over the sink kitchen lighting, focus wall lighting for art work.

SGi LED Downlights [P]_5 Watt Swivel Light Spec Chart_Downlight_5WS Professional Grade
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