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Lighting Design

Lighting should be applied in layers and lighting professionals consider the application and the use of the space being lit prior to making recommendations. Lighting levels and choice of lighting fixture is dependent on some basic analysis and sometimes a complex calculation of foot candles.

Light placement, colour temperature, brightness and distance from lighting fixtures are all important aspects of choosing lighting. For example, task lighting for a surgeon’s table would be very different from that required by a student. A grocery warehouse would require lighting placement at different height than that of a jeweller. In food preparation or health care industries it is mandatory that lighting fixtures are sanitized regularly so they must be washable. These are some of the deciding factors for the placement and type of lighting to be used.

Let Us Assist You

Our Application section is designed to assist you in planning your project and guiding you to the products that are right for the application you have in mind.

We have broken them down in the following categories:

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Please contact our qualified design staff to assist you in selecting the right product to meet your budget and requirements.

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