About Us

SGi Lighting Inc.’s roots stem from over 20 years of servicing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Canada and the United States; Lighting Design; and Interior Design. The executives at SGi Lighting Inc. boast 20 years of cross border business operations, expertise in technology, and training in electrical engineering. Pair this with marketing genius and business management, creativity stemming from lighting design and interior design and you have an entrepreneurial dream. Pulsating with creativity and business savy, SGi Lighting Inc. is providing leadership, vision, execution, and poise.

SGi Lighting Inc. specializes in the design, manufacturing, specification, consultation, 3D modelling lighting design, and sales of innovative lighting products using Solid State Lighting (also known as lighting using Light Emitting Diodes or LED lighting). These products are targeted as a replacement for traditional lighting.

SGi Lighting Inc. recognizes that as technology improves, so does good business practice. Incorporating global trends of an eco-friendly business environment and sustainable design, SGi Lighting Inc. steps forward to revolutionize the world of illumination responsibly. SGI Lighting Inc. is The LED Lighting Source ®, bringing the world a new light …with incredible value.

Our business focus is working closely with our clients to accelerate their adoption of Solid State Lighting products. Our expertise is deploying LED lighting into practical real-world applications, packaged with a compelling business case that directly improves a company’s bottom line!

Our passion is aesthetics, technology, and service.


Why SGi?
To be honest, I just happened to be lucky enough to find SGi on the web while doing a search for energy efficient LED outdoor lighting. The experience has been positive ever since.

Why did you choose to work with SGi for the first time?
As a progressive consulting organization, The DenRich Group looks for efficiency and cost effective leading edge products for all the project we are involved in. We had been dealing with a firm in Ottawa and weren’t getting the quality of products or service we felt we needed. SGi stepped in without hesitation and provided us a high level of understanding and knowledge about LED lighting and a service level beyond our expectations.

How do you feel about our performance?
We’ve been dealing with SGi now for 3 years and so far the lights have been superb.

Have you received compliments from others seeing your lighting?
Without question, the compliments have been overwhelming for all the lighting we have done using SGi.

What is your opinion on our pricing?
The pricing is competitive. I’ll be perfectly frank; we’ve dealt with other companies. Some have been more aggressively priced, others have been more expensive, but it’s the knowledge and service level that really stands out and has kept us loyal clients.

How do you feel about SGi’s value for dollar?
Factoring in all the expertise and service SGi provides, the pricing is very good. The big thing for The DenRich Group is project guidance, product knowledge, quality of brand and the turn around time that SGi provides. We find that SGi provides us leading edge expertise in this lighting area. That’s matters to us.
How was our customer service before, during and after purchase?
Before superb, during is great. As for after, if there are any issues I know they will be right there!

How do you feel about SGi’s commitment to supporting our clients?

How would you rate SGi’s level of expertise?
I think that SGi really understands LED lighting, and the implementation of that lighting better than any other company we’ve dealt with in the past. I class SGi as a North American leader in knowledge and understanding for LED lighting.

What are your thoughts on SGi’s specific product knowledge and education/guidance to client?
Both Shabir and Sapna have professionally assisted the DenRich Group through each project. Their level of understanding in the technology is superb and their implementation is superior than most.
Generally as a client and customer, I have found that over the past 10-15 years service has become a lost art, SGi has brought back that level of service that I so much look for. The DenRich Group is a service company, that’s what we do. SGi like us, provides service beyond expectation.

What’s your opinion on SGi’s support to others – (Designers, Contractor, Installers, Electricians)?
We’ve had no issues…ever. Every project experience has been positive and without issues, a nice change from what has become the norm!

Would you recommend SGi to someone else?
Yes, very highly. And I already have.

Would you return as a customer?
Yes. Definitely.

– Richard Heringer (Existing customer since 2012)